20 years

20 Years of Digital Success Stories

We build digital services and renew processes and work culture together with our customers. With our applications, we create intelligence around us for every operational environment.
Business design

Business Design

We inspire, share know-how and challenge our customers in order to create even better services together. This is the only way for us produce the value that our customers deserve.
Service design

Service Design

We design and implement new kinds of services and memorable service experiences so that people and enterprises may get the best out of technology.


We know how to build safe and seamlessly interactive services and systems using the latest technology and doing it piece by piece if needed.
Software development

Software Development

The services we make and will make are easily understood by our customers and suit their needs. We work together, on the customer’s side of the table.


Web stores and basement shops are all going digital. This is why we prefer to talk about sales and about how to increase them – that is, about measuring, developing and optimizing growth thanks to digital means in all terminals. Dare to grow!

Online Services

A satisfied customer who has been able to get things done will always come back – on the web too. We design a smooth customer experience and the digital services that make it possible both for the private and the public sector.

IoT Solutions

Provide a new kind of service and take the business to where it has not been yet. IoT will make business ever more profitable and ever more measurable – and we will make it ever more understandable for you. This is genuinely possible.

Digitization of Processes

Measuring, automatization and enhancement of business transactions. Investing in digitization will enhance and improve your services.

A Digital Work Environment

At the office, away from the office, at home and on business trips. In the customer’s premises, at events, and all around the world. The corporate culture and the ergonomics of a job well done are largely based on digital services and on the information and tools they convey in real time. We’ll tell you how!


ADLM - Application Development Lifecycle Management. Efficient and compatible IT services managed as a whole ensure future success. We promise to put the best possible people, tools and methods to your disposal in support of the entire organization.